Asociația Obștească ”INIMI SOLIDARE” din Republica Moldova

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The Asociația Obștească ”INIMI SOLIDARE” din Republica Moldova was founded by the decision of the Moldovan Ministry of Justice of 23 March 2016. The initiative to create an association belongs to the initiative group consisting of young people who have been through their experience impressed with the situation of vulnerable children or with sensory impairments and motivated to pool efforts to fit their needs.

  • The statutory objectives relate to:

  • – facilitate access to medical services for children with disabilities, including raising funds for the payment of medical services and treatments
  • – facilitate access to rehabilitation services for a full and harmonious development of the child (speech therapy, physical therapy, etc.)
  • – support for training and continuing education of medical and paramedical specialists working with children with special needs
  • – educational projects and social assistance for children in need
  • – promote healthy development and a healthy lifestyle among children
  • – conducte charity for vulnerable children or with special needs
  • – promote the rights of children and family
  • – assistance and community integration of orphans, abandoned children, disabled children, institutionalized children in residential structures
  • – collection and distribution of humanitarian aid for children with special needs and / or vulnerable families

Our team

The conducting bodies of the Association are:

  1. General Assembly
  2. Board of Directors
  3. Executive Director
  4. Auditing Commission

In its activity the Asociația Obștească ”INIMI SOLIDARE” din Republica Moldova is guided by tolerance, respect, team spirit, transparency, charity, timeliness, accountability, professionalism and cooperation.

And structurally the Association is represented as follows:


Domnul Tom BRAZIL (Marea Britanie)