Asociația Obștească ”INIMI SOLIDARE” din Republica Moldova

Hearing Aids, 29.09.2018

On 29.09.2018, the Association ”INIMI SOLIDARE” din Republica Moldova visited the Boarding school for children with hearing impairments from Hîrbobăţ village, Calarasi district.
Along with AcustMED Center, we went to Hîrbovăț for checking the status of children’s hearing aids and possibly changing tubes, earmolds or repair them and the fitting of the hearing aids. We could control the hearing aids of 23 children and the orders were taken for 15 tubes, 16 earmolds, 20 audiograms, 3 reparations and 3 fittings.
The students have received the cleaning kits offered with great generosity by Hear the World Foundation (Switzerland), to whom we thank for their collaboration.
We thank the Swisscor Foundation (Switzerland) for supporting our projects.
We kindly thank the Directorate of the boarding school and the children.